Frequently asked questions

What is fitRDU?

We are a one stop outdoor fitness solution to keep you balanced with a variety of strength, stretch, and cardio workouts. A community that comes together to support local businesses, and organizations doing cool shi*t to be kind, just, and all around good humans. Let's connect, breathe in fresh air, and grow stronger outside!

What does fit stand for?

Fun: Train with a community of like-minded individuals motivated by personal fitness and emotional self-care. Intense: Balance the best damn athletic training around with a focus on mindfulness that leaves you mentally refreshed and ready for the next challenge life throws your way. Together: We want to have fun together and add joy to the lives of others. We will support wonderful community organizations doing good sh*t in RDU.

What you can expect at fitRDU?

Community: that is Cool AF Fitness: Providing the best damn workout for you to feel 100 percent you. Giving back: We want to support wonderful organizations doing good sh*t. Joy: Having fun, adding joy to life. Spread happiness.

What classes should I take?

All of them! Fitness focused on empowerment. Join us for an inclusive, body neutral, and positive self talk. We have ALL the things. fitYOGA fitYOGA SCULPT fitHIIT fitDANCE fitTRAMP&TONE fitSCULPT SOCIAL Check out the classes tab for detailed descriptions.

What do I need to bring with me?

Always bring a Mask, Mat, Towel, Water. *Masks worn during check in and socialization. Mat, towel, water, weights. (1lbs to 10 lbs) You might want to have a light set and heavy set. Don’t have weights grab these here and our good ole friend amazon will drop that off for you boo. Additional Props: HIIT will utilize Gallon size Water jugs as a large single weight, bring this or just hold on to two of your weights in one hand. No biggie. Trampoline: We will provide your tramp for you, you are always welcome to bring your own, if that makes you happier!

Safety Protocols

Safety is at our top priority. Masks are mandatory before and after class and anytime when you are not physically distancing. Each participant's station is at least 8 feet apart from one another. Please bring a mat, towel, water with you.

What if Mother Nature doesn't cooperate?

Part of outdoor fitness is the working with the weather. Classes will be cancelled in the case of heavy rain, thunder, lightning, etc. fitRDU will contact you if a class is cancelled due to weather. Please check your email regularly before classes. If class is canceled you will receive a link to an at home workout from our sister company PBX, these classes are a combination of pilates, barre, yoga, and a splash of cardio. This way you still keep your sweat date with yourself.

Can I book a private fitRDU class?

Absolutely! We call it our Front Yard Fitness option. AKA FYF. Move beyond the virtual happy hour and get fit while safely socializing with your friends! You can add on a fitSCULPT SOCIAL and we will bring the bubbles too! Click here to book.

Are you the perfect badassador?

We are looking for amazing community badassadors to help with check in, set up and community engagement. Volunteer to help us pre and post class and take the class for free. Apply here.

I would like to start a fitCLUB in my community!

We love it! We would love to partner with you to spread the fitLIFE across the country. We have special programs for brick and mortar studios to help our community during this very hard time for fitness professionals. To start a fitCLUB please f ill out the following form here.

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Classes 7 days a week.  Check our up to date scheduler for times. 

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